For u Sammy Sam :)

Girl, I’m sorry it’s all in Swedish.. I’ll try and think of your existance from now on lol. That is, if you remember meeee! But I’m sure you’ll only come here like once a month anyway since you’re TOO BUSY FOR YOUR GIRL :p So once you’re  here, let me know and I’ll do an English version just for you?!

Miss you!



2 thoughts on “For u Sammy Sam :)

  1. Sammy Sam says:

    Hey honey,
    Thank you sooooooooooo much for my very special dedication…it has made me very special which was what I needed..I most certainly havent been too busy for my girl – to be honest I havent had time for myself either!! I do ask of you when I speak with Jess cos I dont wanna disturb u or catch u at an awkward moment (judging by the sexy pics on here!lol) ;P On a serious note I do miss our chats and hopefully we can do that soon! Love u n Miss u too!

    • LoL, those pics aren’t pornographic lol. My baby took his shirt off to show the necklace i got him, stop being so naughty woman 😉 I’ll give u a call during the weekend tho! It’s been too long! xxxx

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