Thank you for rubbing it in!

Nu ar antligen min sky fixad for 18764e gangen! Vi far se hur lange det haller denna gangen.

Jag passade aven pa att ringa till Sky for att ta bort sport package som jag skaffade for Obi.. Sa har lat det:

– I want to remove the sport package please

– Ok can I just ask why you want to remove it?

– Because I won’t watch it.

– Did you only get it for a certain sport or period of time?

– Well it wasn’t for me, but the person won’t be watching it anymore.

– Ok why not?

– Arrrgghhh because the person isn’t around anymore!

Jag hade velat skrika:

– Because the bastard dumped me!

Men jag holl mig ganska lugn iallafall 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thank you for rubbing it in!

  1. Lina says:

    Men måste man ge en hel deklaration för såna saker?

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